Memberships & Pricing

How much does the Royalty premium membership cost?

The regular price of Royalty premium membership is FREE for 1 month, BDT 499 for 6 months and BDT 999 for 12 months. FREE trial is applicable for new users only. More on how to get the membership can be found here.

How to upgrade my trial to Royalty premium membership account?

To upgrade, simply click on “Upgrade Membership” on your account and complete the following steps.

How do I use Royalty?

Royalty is quick and easy to use. Simply show your QR on the app to the waiter or the manager to scan and process the discount. Once the partner completes processing the discount from their end by scanning your QR, you will get a notification on your account regarding the transaction. At the same time Credits will be added to your account. Regarding Credits, check the ‘Rewards’ section.

How many times in a day can I avail discount?

The daily limit of using Royalty is one time per branch a day. You can use Royalty in multiple branches of the same partner a day one time each.

Can I avail a discount if I am not a premium member, out with my friends and family who are members?

Yes, you may take advantage of the discounts as long as the premium member is the person paying for the bill.

What do I do when I get the discount but it doesn't show up on my history?

In such case, contact our support at with the receipt of the bill within 2 working days so that we can add your Credits from our end. Please note, without valid proof of purchase (bill), we won't be able to verify your purchase and proceed further.

How do I renew my membership plan?

You will be able to renew your membership when it is about to end. Please note that, you will ONLY be extending the period of your membership.

What does the mobile app allow us to do?

The mobile app will allow you to:

  • • Access your user profile
  • • Track your loyalty Credits
  • • Search offers by category
  • • View the latest deals
  • • Search for new deals
  • • Find information about our partners
  • • Lets you scan to avail discounts
  • • View your activity of places you've visited
  • • Rate & review your favorite places

Do you have a mobile app

Yes, you can use our app to take full advantage of the exclusive discounts offered by us. Download from below:

Will I receive an invoice for my membership?

Yes, your invoice will be E-mailed to you as soon as you are enrolled in one of our membership plans.
You may also request an invoice for your purchase if you have not received one by sending us an e-mail at

What are the payment methods?

You can pay by using a VISA, MASTERCARD, American Express, Bkash or Rocket on the website.

How do I change my PIN?

To change your PIN, log in to your "User Account" and click on the top-right menu. Now, click on "Edit Profile" where you can change your PIN and any other information.

I forgot my PIN. How do I reset it?

If you’ve forgotten your PIN, click on "Forgot your PIN" on the login screen and follow the on-screen instructions. You will receive a text on your registered number with a link to reset your PIN.

Is my private information secure with Royalty?

We uphold a very strict standard for our privacy and confidentiality. We use data to make our services even better. Please refer to our Privacy Policy page for further details.

How can I write a review?

Once you scan successfully, you will be prompted to write a review about the partner, if you miss it, you will be able to do it from your transaction history on the user account.

Can I edit or delete my review(s)?

Once you have submitted your review, it cannot be edited. Instead, you may choose to delete the review and resubmit it with changes.

What type of review is considered as a fraud?

Visitors to Royalty expect that the site will provide them with unbiased reviews and content for various attractions, restaurants, fitness centers and other venues. Members who wish to share their personal experiences with the Royalty community provide this content.
Royalty is committed to ensuring the integrity of the content it collects and provides to its members.
Any attempts to mislead, influence or impersonate a member of Royalty is considered fraudulent, and is subject to penalties. This may include but is not limited to:
- Attempts by an owner or agent of a property to boost the reputation of a business by:

  • • Writing a review for their own business.
  • • Utilizing any optimization company, marketing organization, or third-party to submit reviews.
  • • Impersonating a competitor or a guest.
  • • Offering incentives in exchange for reviews of their business, including discounts, upgrades or any special treatment.
  • • Asking friends or relatives to write positive reviews.
  • • Submitting reviews on behalf of guests.
  • • Selectively soliciting reviews (by e-mail, surveys or any other means) only from guests who have had a positive experience.
  • • Pressuring members of Royalty to remove a negative review on their pages.
  • • Asking guests to remove their reviews in return for a discount or incentive.
  • • Prohibiting or discouraging customers from posting negative or critical reviews of their experiences.

How can I refer my friends & family?

You will find your referral code under Personal Info, send this code to your friends & family to earn Royalty credit up to 60 per refer.

How do I use the referral code?

In the membership payment page, you will find a field to enter the referral code.

How can I benefit from referring to my friends & family?

If your friend or family member subscribes using your referral code, both of you will earn Royalty credit up to 60 credits per refer. Each time any of your friends or family members subscribe for our paid plan, the bonus amount is added to your account. You will be able to use the bonus amount to purchase offers provided by Royalty.

Can free trial users earn Royalty Reward Credits by referring?

Yes, you can earn Royalty Credit through referring but you will only be able to enjoy the perks when you get our Royalty premium membership.

How can I earn Partner Reward Credits?

When you avail discounts/offers at our partner stores, you earn Credits.
You can earn up to 500 Credits a day. It can be single or multiple transactions in any partner outlets.
You can redeem rewards from the reward section of your account.