Valentine's Week Offer

Valentine's Day is a wonderful opportunity to share your love with all the people you truly care about. With the special day just around the corner, Royalty curated the perfect Valentine's week offer "Buy 1 Platinum Card & Get A Complimentary One for Your Loved One." Royalty is a privileged platform offering discounts in 6 different categories. We are not just a discount platform, we are your lifestyle partner! What benefits you get being a Royalty Cardholder find out more here and check out all our exclusive partners by clicking here!   Valentine’s Week Offer   Follow the regular process to order your first platinum card. Details on how to order can be found here. Once you have successfully ordered your first card, a Promo code will be sent via e-mail to you within 24 hours.  Follow the same procedure to register for the second platinum card, apply the promo code in the payment page to get the offer.   Enter Promo code in the Card payment page   *The promo code can be applied only once and is valid until 15/02/19 11:59 pm. *The Delivery charge and customization charge (if applicable) will be applied on both the cards. *Delivery time for Valentine's Week order is 5–7 working days. In the case of customization, only the first two names will be used. If you want to change that, please email us within 24 hours at or you can call our customer service at +880–963–862–0202. Make this Valentines a memorable one and share your love with Royalty.....

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FIFA World Cup Fever

“Every 4 years, the world has one-time zone’’ World Cup 2018.   No matter where you live or what sport you love, the love for football reunites us as one. This is what FIFA is all about! It’s about celebrating passion by capturing national level rivalries in one game, giving football fans a chance to play heroes and be part of the World Cup.   This year was no different as the event kicked off on June 14 in Moscow, Russia. 30 days of glorious FIFA World Cup created quite a buzz all over the world with every fight for the Golden Cup worth watching.   The FIFA craze was definitely a hot topic trending in Dhaka city, with fans showering their constant support and love for their supported teams.   Royalty is all about Loyalty and, thus, we wanted to reward the football lovers all over Dhaka who showed their loyalty towards their favorite teams. We created a hype in the town by promising the football lovers with exciting offers and prizes through various contests. The Facebook campaigns were divided into 4 Big ones; The Quarter Finals, The semi-finals, The Playoff for the Third place and The Mega Finals.   Who Will Win the Match? Comment and Win, A Glimpse at the Quarter Finals’ Contests The FIFA World Cup Fever campaign kick-started from the 6th of July and we aligned some exciting contests for the lucky football fans. All they had to do was go to our official Facebook page at Royalty (, follow the rules to participate and get a chance to win a position in the lucky winner's list. The rules to participate were simple:    Like our page—Like the post—Comment your answer—Share the post     Quarter Finals Match Prediction   The Winners of the Quarter Finals Match Prediction Well, Royalty knows how to reward loyalty, that is, in the absolute Royal way. Winners from the contests won exclusive Dinner for 2 at the trendiest places in town:  The first winner—138 East  The Second winner—Tree House The Third winner—Green lounge The Fourth winner—Cilantro     Montage of the winners from The Quarter Final Match Prediction   Tag and win! Semi-Finals Campaign Semi-Finals’ Campaigns started on 10th July, and the possibilities of winning exciting prizes just started for the fans! Everyone had their eye and were engaging on our Facebook page, after the success of the Quarterfinals campaign. People were excited and the responses we got were tremendous!     The Semi-Finals Campaigns Winners from the campaigns The engagements on our Semi-Finals’ contests posts showed that the game was just starting and people were more than ready to compete and win, just like their favorite teams. Here are the winners from the semi-finals contests who emerged to be treated with Royalty for their passion and support in the contest winning a complimentary dinner for 2 at: The 1st winner—Tony Roma’s The 2nd winner —Kiyoshi     Winners from the Semi-Finals Match Prediction   Who is gonna take the third place back home? Guess now to win! The Playoff for the third place took place on 14th July and even though Belgium and England did not make it to the Finals, we got to witness a thrilling game between them where Belgium emerged as the winner against all the odds. And along with Belgium, our lucky winner won too with a prize of a dinner for 2 at Little Korea.     3rd place Kick off Campaign     Winner of the 3rd place kick off prediction contest   Who will write their name in history with one strike? Predict the Goal Scorer and win! “Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”—quoted by the legend, Vince Lombard. And that is why Royalty wanted to make this finale an ending to remember, for our Football campaign and our winner for the Final contest. The Finals match ended on 15th July and marked history with France becoming the Champion of the FIFA World Cup 2018. And, thus, our winner for this history marking competition was treated with nothing less. Our winner captured an exclusive dinner for 2 at The Beast—Four Points by Sheraton!     The Final Campaign     From the Finals’ contest, Mr. Sabbir Ahmed was our grand winner to win the exciting prize of a dinner for 2 at The Beast, Four Points by Sheraton   A Glimpse at our Winners The journey for this World Cup was as thrilling and competitive as it could get. And the winners definitely deserved every bit of the Royalty treatment. Our Representatives from Royalty personally received and welcomed our winners from each of the contests.     Our representative with Fakida Sharmeen Abonee at Little Korea     Our representative with Mr. A.K Jyote at Cilantro     Our representative with Rafid Khan at The Green lounge     Our representative with the winner at Tree house     Our representative with Mr. Sabbir Ahmed at The Beast, Four Points by Sheraton  ....

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Benefits of Royalty's Membership

Royalty is not just a privilege platform with a Membership card, it’s your lifestyle partner. You may be wondering why you or anyone should get the membership card? But after reading this article you might get all the answers.   One Card Solution   Find all the great deals, discounts & offers on just one single platform. From food to your next travel destination, we’ve got you covered. It’s always a privilege to feel the difference between a life with our Royalty offers and without! Forget about 10 different membership cards and get your Royalty Membership Card to replace them all with even better deals.   Get Discounts & offers   Royalty gives you all the discounts/offers you always thought of getting. The top-rated places of Dhaka are our valued partner & we are signing up every day! You can roam around with Royalty Membership Card and go to places you always wanted to.   Earn Reward Points   Use Royalty card to earn points while you sit back and relax after every usage in cafes, clothing stores, hotel stays and many more. Redeem your points to earn cash coupons that can be availed at our partner stores.   Review your favourite (or not so favourite) places   Royalty platform offers authentic reviews from the cardholders, so there is no chance of fake reviews. So from now on, if you need an honest review about a place, you know where to come. See all our partners here.    Our partners at a glance (We are adding almost every day!)   Royalty is an uprising platform to upgrade your lifestyle. Grab your card from here today!....

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Royalty-In a brief

We all have more or less heard about Royalty. Whether on Facebook or Instagram or elsewhere; they are everywhere! After all the hype, you might still be wondering what is Royalty? If you are lost, know that you are not the only one as our concept is fairly new & unique in Bangladesh. Royalty is a privileged platform offering discounts/offers in 6 different categories. You can be a member of this platform by getting yourself a Royalty Membership Card. It’s not just a discount platform, it can be your lifestyle partner once you get it! We are not trying to convince you to buy the card, but hey if the crown fits! So what are the categories? As mentioned above, we have 6 categories for you to avail discounts/offers from. From your first coffee of the day to your late-night chills with your friends, we’ve got you covered. We know you might have it all, but who doesn’t like a little bit of extra savings! So here are our categories:   Food and Drinks   All the fancy places that you thought are out of your budget, with Royalty that problem will not stop you anymore. Partners like Pier 138, El Patron, Mainland China, Chows and so on can now be on your new dinner date bucket list (if you have one!).   Lifestyle   Some brands are just too cool for us to afford at times. We mean wallet-wise. But we just admire the brand so much that we save up to get their particular products. We feel you! That’s why we are here with the opportunity to cut you some slack from this expensive life.   Beauty & Spa   Like it or not, a good chunk of money is spent on our parlour bills every month. Staying beautiful is no longer as simple as doing nothing. We need to invest in beauty too now. But why pay extra when you can save with Royalty Membership Card?   Entertainment   Life can get boring after a long week of a hectic life. But we say go out and check out the cool activities around you during your leisure time. That’s where Royalty Membership Card comes handy!   Health and Fitness   Keeping your fitness in check can get difficult when you have to pay out from your budget to get the membership card for your gym. But with Royalty Membership card you can do that within your budget.   Getaways   If you are a traveller and planning to look around the country, get Royalty Card. You can avail of unbelievable discounts for hotel rooms, resorts and many more!   Card Options: Our membership program is available in 3/6/12 months. The regular price of Royalty Membership is:   BDT 1499 for 12 months BDT 899 for 6 months BDT 499 for 3 months 3 months FREE for new users If you are still in the pickle whether you should get this card that fell out of nowhere and flooded on your social media, then one line for you; Go get it! Because Royalty Membership Card is not just another card in your wallet, it’s your new lifestyle!   Buy the Royalty card by signing up here! New users can avail trial too! Check out all Royalty Partners and discounts/offers details here.....

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