Feeding Bangladesh | An Initiative of Royalty

The numbers of COVID-19 patients are on increase in Bangladesh and at a higher rate within the previous couple of days. As most of the businesses in the working sector are closed at the instant, people associated with the companies are being affected greatly. Ranging from a daily wage earner to a small business owner and their employees, everyone is tensed to survive for the long term if the situation gets worse. More people would be dying out of hunger than being affected by the virus itself. Experts also criticized that an insufficient amount of tests were conducted in the country that has a population of over 160 million, which means the number of patients is more in reality than shown on TV.   The economic repercussions are huge as according to the IMF, the coronavirus pandemic will push the global economy into the deepest recession since the great depression.   With the recent lockdowns within the country, most of the office going people have quickly adapted ways to figure out work from home while an outsized part of our community has been visiting bed without knowing if they'll be able to afford a meal for his/her family the following day. Various workers have lost their livelihood and have less or no food to survive on.   Our team at Royalty has launched an initiative named "Feeding Bangladesh". We will try to ensure that lesser people sleep hungry during these difficult times. Please help the helping hands of our society by donating to Feeding Bangladesh.   What is "Feeding Bangladesh"?  We have taken this initiative to support families by providing groceries, masks, food and many other essentials. From the daily wage earners to low-middle-class people who are struggling during this crisis can be helped with your donation. We also have plans to feed the stray animals on the road as their lives matter too!   We have made 1-week survival kit for each family containing- 🔹Rice 🔹Wheat flour 🔹Oil 🔹Lentils 🔹Flattened Rice 🔹Potatoes 🔹Salt 🔹Soap   Each kit will cost us Tk.500 and will be delivered to locations across multiple areas and cities. We will be distributing these kits responsibly while adhering to the social distancing norms, to ensure the safety of the volunteers and the beneficiaries. For this, we will need total fund support of Tk 2,00,000 from our donors.    How does it work? Step 1: Select an amount that you wish to donate here. The amount required to feed one family of 4 for a week is Tk.500. Step 2: Weekly we are going to buy the mandatory items and pack them area wise. Step 3: Our team of volunteers will ensure that the kits are distributed responsibly and hygienically.  Step 4: We are going to send our contributors a transparency report on how and where their funds were utilized. This is a 100% not for profit campaign.      Click to donate: https://www.royaltybd.com/donate     Help the poor as much as you can & create awareness amongst all levels of society. Please spread the word. Here’s a message you can copy and send to your friends to help get the donations up:   In light of the growing restrictions caused by COVID-19, millions of daily wage workers have lost their livelihood and have no food to survive on. Please help by donating to ‘Feeding Bangladesh’ by Royalty and provide food to the ones who can't survive without your help. Click to donate – https://www.royaltybd.com/donate   #STAYHOME  #STAYSAFE  #HELPTHEPOOR  #FEEDINGBANGLADESH  #ROYALTYCARES....

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How to get Royalty Membership?

Thinking of purchasing your very own membership from Royalty? Then look no further, and follow these easy steps:     Website Sign Up   Step 1: Visit our website and click on the LOG IN/SIGN UP button on the top right or simply click here.     Step 2: Then proceed by signing up manually by entering your mobile number.     Step 3: Click on 'Next'. You will receive a 6-digit code on your phone. Enter the code in the next window to verify and continue with your sign up.     Step 4: Fill in the details and enter your own 4 digits unique PIN.     Step 5: A verification link along with a code will be sent to your email address provided. Once your email is verified, you can proceed to the payment page.         Mobile Sign Up     Step 1: Download the Royalty app from here and click on "Let's Get Started".   Step 2: Then proceed to sign up manually by entering your mobile number and wait till you receive a verification code.     Step 3: Click on 'Next'. You will receive a 6-digit code on your phone. Enter the code in the next window to verify and continue with your sign up.   Step 4: Fill in the details and enter your own 4 digits unique PIN to complete signing up.     Step 5: Click on 'Next'. You will receive a 6-digit code in your provided email for further verification.    Step 6: Enter the code in the next window to become a Royal member!             Membership Prices & Details   Our program: We offer three membership programs which are for 1/6/12 month(s).    The regular prices of Royalty Memberships are:   BDT 99 for 1 month BDT 499 for 6 months BDT 999 for 12 months     You will have the option to purchase the membership from your account.   Step 6: You can proceed by entering a referral code or promo code (optional) and then press continue to payment.     Congratulations! You are now a Royalty Member. Log in to your account and explore a world full of boundless possibilities.   Renewal of Royalty membership   If you decide to renew our membership then you can proceed by clicking on the "Renew Membership" button on your account.     Choose your desired membership plan and make the payment online (through Visa, Mastercard, AMEX Card, EBL Skybank, Qcash, Fastcash, Bkash, DBBL Mobile, Islami Bank M Cash, AB Direct, City Touch, Islami Bank, Mutual Trust Bank and Bank Asia).   Once your payment has been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation mail.   In case you have any queries, contact us at support@royaltybd.com or call us at 09638620202. We are here for you through Sunday - Thursday from 10:00 AM until 06:00 PM. You can even reach out to us on Facebook.....

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Get the most out of your Royalty Membership

Planning to visit one of our partners anytime this week? Not sure how the Royalty Membership works in real life? No worries, we've got your back!   Check our 6 different categories to know more about the privileges and details before you plan a visit. The process to get the best out of your membership is easier than you think! Just follow the steps below:   1) With Virtual Card: Once you are at our partner’s outlet, during/before the bill processing:   Take out your Royalty App where you will find your virtual card on the bottom right.  Swipe the card to find the QR code on the back. When the partner processes the discount/offer on their app by scanning your QR code of the virtual card, you will get a notification on your phone after a successful transaction of the offer availed. Credits will be added to your account too!   2) Scanning QR from the App: Once you are at our partner’s outlet, during/before the bill processing:   Take out your Royalty app and scan the QR code of the partner which is placed on their desk or you can simply ask for it. After scanning, you will be able to see the current offer(s) of that partner. Select your desired offer and enter your 4-digit PIN to confirm. Upon confirmation from your end, the partner will accept your request. You will get a notification on your phone after a successful transaction of the offer availed. Credits will be added to your account too!         In case you have any queries, contact us at support@royaltybd.com or call us at 09638620202. We are here for you through Sunday - Thursday from 10:00 AM until 06:00 PM. You can even reach out to us on Facebook.   *Terms & Conditions apply, so to know more about each partner’s T&Cs please visit the specific partner profile’s T&C section here: https://www.royaltybd.com/offers/all....

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Royalty at Winter Wonderlust

We were thrilled to be part of one of the biggest winter events in Dhaka which was hosted by S A V V A. It was a 2-day event which was held on the 20th & 21st of December. The event was held amongst other premium brands in Dhaka where Royalty had the opportunity to showcase our service to the consumers. Young people and families with their children and influencers of Dhaka turned up and visited our booth in numbers.       Our Team with the Influencers      The place was decorated with a white theme and a beautifully lit drop-down Christmas tree. Guests were greeted with welcome drinks and canapes and were also served with mouth-filling cream cheese-filled truffles and chocolate brownies.      Visitors at our Booth     The place was almost like Santa's crib. With music playing in the background, and rooms lit with warm lights, it was the perfect place to take instagrammable pictures along with your favourite Instagram Influencer! In the evening, guests enjoyed a live DJ performance and photo session with S A V V A's in-house photographer.        Happy customers, happy us!     Influencers visiting our stall loved the idea about what we had to offer. Guests who joined our platform from our booth instantly availed their discount from S A V V A and dined with their friends & family. They also appreciated our unique concept which they came across for the first time in Bangladesh. Most of them mentioned that they would love to see more of their favourite brands featured on our list of partners.    It was saddening for us to have enjoyed this event only for a few days, but we will surely be coming back soon with more offers and discounts for all our customers in the next upcoming events!       Our Team  ....

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Royalty X Laserwars at IUB Carnival

It was a great pleasure for the Royalty Team to meet with the students of IUB once again! They have welcomed us with excitement and showed great interest in Royalty. Our team enjoyed the IUB Carnival, a 3-day event.   Once again at IUB   We partnered up with one of our Royalty partners, Laserwars. We took this opportunity to pitch our platform to the students on the campus and encouraged them to participate in the activities hosted by Laserwars. We got 4 times more engagement than we expected this time. We also gave out free Laserwars coupons to all the participants.   They have been very curious about our service, how the product works and also about what our partners had to offer. We even had students who visited our booth the second day and third day with more of their friends by hearing about our service on the first day.   Royalty X Laserwars   From shooting with laser-guns to playing laser-tag to win our 12 months card, we had all the exhilarating entertainment that kept everyone on their toes and left them wanting more. Students enthusiastically took part in the activities and clicked pictures to frame the moment. About a quarter of our participants from IUB availed big discounts while buying the cards and brought more friends along to join our platform.      Students taking part in our booth activity   At the end of the day, our team was still energetic and made sure to keep a memory of the successful event by enjoying the concert of James and sang along, ending the day with sheer joy! If you want to look back to the memorable event, view more pictures here: Royalty X Laserwars @IUB   Ended our event with Guru   If you want to be a part of Royalty and to get your hands on exciting discounts, sign up and register here.....

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