Posted on April 13, 2020

Feeding Bangladesh | An Initiative of Royalty.

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The numbers of COVID-19 patients are on increase in Bangladesh and at a higher rate within the previous couple of days. As most of the businesses in the working sector are closed at the instant, people associated with the companies are being affected greatly. Ranging from a daily wage earner to a small business owner and their employees, everyone is tensed to survive for the long term if the situation gets worse. More people would be dying out of hunger than being affected by the virus itself. Experts also criticized that an insufficient amount of tests were conducted in the country that has a population of over 160 million, which means the number of patients is more in reality than shown on TV.


The economic repercussions are huge as according to the IMF, the coronavirus pandemic will push the global economy into the deepest recession since the great depression.


With the recent lockdowns within the country, most of the office going people have quickly adapted ways to figure out work from home while an outsized part of our community has been visiting bed without knowing if they'll be able to afford a meal for his/her family the following day. Various workers have lost their livelihood and have less or no food to survive on.


Our team at Royalty has launched an initiative named "Feeding Bangladesh". We will try to ensure that lesser people sleep hungry during these difficult times. Please help the helping hands of our society by donating to Feeding Bangladesh.


What is "Feeding Bangladesh"? 

We have taken this initiative to support families by providing groceries, masks, food and many other essentials. From the daily wage earners to low-middle-class people who are struggling during this crisis can be helped with your donation. We also have plans to feed the stray animals on the road as their lives matter too!


We have made 1-week survival kit for each family containing-


?Wheat flour



?Flattened Rice





Each kit will cost us Tk.500 and will be delivered to locations across multiple areas and cities. We will be distributing these kits responsibly while adhering to the social distancing norms, to ensure the safety of the volunteers and the beneficiaries. For this, we will need total fund support of Tk 2,00,000 from our donors. 


How does it work?

Step 1: Select an amount that you wish to donate here. The amount required to feed one family of 4 for a week is Tk.500.

Step 2: Weekly we are going to buy the mandatory items and pack them area wise.

Step 3: Our team of volunteers will ensure that the kits are distributed responsibly and hygienically. 

Step 4: We are going to send our contributors a transparency report on how and where their funds were utilized. This is a 100% not for profit campaign. 



Click to donate:



Help the poor as much as you can & create awareness amongst all levels of society. Please spread the word. Here’s a message you can copy and send to your friends to help get the donations up:


In light of the growing restrictions caused by COVID-19, millions of daily wage workers have lost their livelihood and have no food to survive on. Please help by donating to ‘Feeding Bangladesh’ by Royalty and provide food to the ones who can't survive without your help.

Click to donate –



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